Terms And Conditions

1. NDA Test series is available to all students in India willing to Join NDA through UPSC NDA Exam.

2. NDA Test series provides a platform for confidence building only. The score in actual UPSC exam may be much low or high.

3. The membership or subscription of NDA Test series is non-refundable and non-transferable. All The rights regarding admission and cancelling the admission are reserved with owners. Owners are not required to provide any explanation for it.

4. All awards and prizes are meant to motivate the student for success is NDA Exam. Owners have all the rights to make changes in these awards or to cancel them.

5. All the dispute regarding NDA test series will be under The Jurisdiction of Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

6. With admission in NDA Test series students are accepting the right of the owners to use the information of individual for promotion of activity of NDA test series and all its sister organizations.

7. Any illegal practice or breach a rule while in relation with NDA Test series can be treated as loss of Prestige of the institution and any person or institution involved in such activity may have to face legal action.

8. Result of this test series is for self-assessment in NDA exam for students. It can not be used as a proof of merit anywhere.

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